Monday, 10 September 2012

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Clarity Stamps - Window

This is the first round card that I've made and I really like the look of it.  I cut the folded base card with my Grand Nestabilities and then layered another on top so you get a completely round card.  I made sure that I got the scallops positioned correctly so it stands up without wobbling.

I've recently learnt how to scan my Nestabilities into my Cameo and cut out a slightly larger mat.  I did this for the black layers on the scallop and banner.  It's so much easier than drawing around them and cutting them out by hand.

I used one of my favourite techniques of stamping a circular border.  The poem mentions "Eight tiny reindeer" so I originally tried it with a reindeer stamped eight times.  It was a bit large and overpowered the main image though.  The little Santa in his sleigh stamp looked much nicer.   Unfortunately that means that there are 16 reindeer, but the thought was there!  :-)


  1. This is lovely Lynne - very clever how you have done the matting with your cameo. I love how you have laid everything out.

  2. These are my type of colours. Nice card.

  3. I love all your cards Lynne, they are so well thought out and put together.


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