Sunday, 2 September 2012

Clarity Window Cards

I thought I'd show you my robin cards first as they didn't get shown today.  I had the idea for them when I was out walking Maya.  We've sponsored a dog with the Dogs Trust for many years and their famous slogan is "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".  I thought the same should apply to robins.  They tend to be associated with Christmas but are in the garden all year round.

So I decided to make exactly the same card in Winter and Summer versions.

It's my "A robin is for life, not just for Christmas" card.  :-)

I thought I'd also add some old cards that I've previously made with these stamps.  This is a birthday card I made for a crafty friend.  I coloured the dog to look like her spaniel, Hamish.

I'm afraid I can't remember the make of the stamp as I've had it for years.  It's really cute though.

This black and white one was made for the monthly Clarity Club challenge.  The challenge was "Black & white, 3 cats and a bird".

I made a matching insert for it.

I also made exactly the same card in colour.  My opinion keeps changing on which I prefer.


  1. Love them ll "Hamish" has to be my Fave though he's so cute. xxxx

  2. Love the robin cards. Looked at all year round and not just for Chirstmas Cards. One in the garden looking in the window today.I think Nigel was in a dream as a lot of cards missed out today maybe it was his glasses!!!

  3. These are fab cards as always Lynne! So much inspiration on one page! I need a lie down! xx

  4. Love all these cards Lynne!! You've got me thinking which one I like best now!!Lol xxx

  5. Fantastic cards Lynne, and I am with you with your slogan...... I love to watch the robins in my garden. ... X

  6. Great cards, Lynne, and you are so right about Robins!

  7. To me, the first robin card looks real - it really is Santa flying in the sky and it is a real robin spreading happiness! Wonderful work - again, Lynne.


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