Saturday, 1 September 2012

Clarity Christmas Baubles Cards

Well it's my favourite weekend of the month again, time for another In the Classroom with Barbara Gray show.  I made 14 cards for the shows this weekend and here are the first two.

The new stamps this month were the Baubles kit.

I used the little fir branch to make a wreath.  I drew a circle on the card in pencil and then built up the wreath off it.  I went around the inside once, then overlapped them a bit on the outside to make it look more bushy.  I added the glittery stamped baubles to finish it off.

I was a little kid in the 1970s and I remember the brightly coloured Christmas tree ornaments we had.  None of the sophisticated colour co-ordination we have today!  That's what inspired this card.

I used the large Joy stamp from Lesson 4 and added the stars to it.  I also added a few extra stars to the side panels.  It's a bit on the bright side but that's the '70s for you!


  1. Hi Lynne, loved Barbara's show today and looking forward to tomorrows. Theses cards are fab, I love them both. X

  2. Hi Lynne saw your cards on the Clarity show they are lovely xxx

  3. Love the cards, Well done. Will be looking out for more tomorrows

  4. I particularly like your wreath, Lynne - well done again!

  5. Beautiful cards Lynne. I've loved seeing your samples (and all the others!) on the Clarity shows this weekend. Really inspiring stuff.... So much so that I've just ordered the full set of 'Twas the Night stamps. :)

  6. These are stunning! I saw them on the show an they stood out! Amazing! And there was you all worried they wouldn't be good enough! Pah! Stop underestimating yourself are so talented! Looking forward to more of your creations! xx


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