Friday, 16 November 2012

Clarity Deerscape Card

I always have a favourite and this is November's.

It's my version of a card that Barbara Gray taught at her workshop at the Harrogate show. Fortunately it ended up a lot better than the one I did at the show!

Dad bought Mum and I tickets and although we had a brilliant time, my artwork was a complete disaster. If it could go wrong it did and I was so embarrassed!!!! So when I got these stamps to make samples with I wanted to show that I could do it.

To make it different to Barbara's version I added the reflection and put the words in the moon.

The invention of the Splodgemat has made reflections much easier to do. All you have to do is stamp onto the mat and then you can lay the paper onto that image to reverse it. It's then easy to line up the clear Clarity stamp to complete the reflected image. In this instance I used the brayer though, as I preferred the results I was getting with it.  I have the wider 6" one, as well as the regular size, so I was able to fit the whole image on it.

I think it's always worth having a play when you do things like this. I tried first and second generation ink for the Deerscape and the same with the brayer and Splodgemat for the reflection. You can then decide which you like best for that particular project.

To do the water I got out my Ink Dusters and tried to get lines when I was dragging the ink across. I think this gives a nice watery effect.

The inks I used are Adirondack Eggplant and Espresso.  You brayer the hills in Eggplant, then go over them very lightly with Espresso at the end. The creates an almost misty effect. You want hardly any ink on your brayer for this. As Barbara says, "You can always add more ink but you can't take it away". Someone should have said that to me at Harrogate!  :-)



  1. Wow Lynne, you certainly learnt a lot at the workshop, even if your work on the day was dissapointing. This card is absolutely fabulous. Well done

  2. Lovely Lynne you did a great job and the splodgy mat is fab to use xx

  3. Brilliant card Lynne, and it looked really great on the t.v. I can see why it is your favourite.....
    Have a good weekend. Hugs. X


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