Thursday, 22 November 2012

Golden Winterland Card

Here is the last of my cards from the November shows on Create and Craft. For this one I revisited a design that I won the Clarity Club Challenge with back in September 2011.

The original was done in black and silver. I'd wanted to make the snowflakes on that one sparkly but the sparkly embossing powder I had back then wasn't very good and made them look like a blobby mess. So in the end I just used my Detail Silver powder. It wasn't quite the effect I wanted but at least the snowflakes were crisp.

Since then I've bought some Metallic Gold Sparkle Wow! powder. It holds the detail of the stamp so much better so I can now have sparkly snowflakes!

The Winterland scene was stamped in black Archival and I coloured the windows in to give them a warm glow.

The snowflake detail at the bottom is done with a Martha Stewart punch.

Here's the original one. Which do you prefer? I think the gold one is my favourite.

Oh well, I must get back to work on next month's cards.  I've only made two so far, so I have lots to do. The next German ones are done though and Barbara will be on HSE24 Extra with those on Sunday.



  1. I Love them both but I think my fave is the silver one. that ribbon reminds me of the stuff they tie up the jewellery boxes in Links of London shops! have you been getting nice pressies!!! :)

    Shame can't get HSE24 would be nice to watch even tho I can't speak German!!


  2. WOW! indeed Lynne! This is a spectacular card without being at all gaudy. It depicts a rich scene, nature meets wonder. Lovely.

  3. I love them both ,they are both lovely xx

  4. They are both stunning but if I had to choose I would say the gold as its a more unusual colour combination for Christmas xx

  5. I love them both Lynne, and it is so good to see how a card can change by changing the colours. Have fun with your new stamps , looking forward to seeing what you make....x

  6. Hi there,

    I've only just discovered this blog and gosh! what a treasure trove of fabulous cards there are! You are a very talented card maker, i will definitely be back here again. I think i prefer the silver one by the way but both of them are lovely.


  7. Beautiful cards, I love them. You are very inspirational


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