Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Tag Book Instructions

I had a question yesterday about how I'd made the Halloween tag book so here is how I folded it.

1.  Start with a square of double side paper.  I think I trimmed mine down to 10" x 10".

   The red pen lines are just there so you can see where to fold.  Do not draw them on yours.

2. Decide which pattern you want on the outside and fold in half.  A Hougie board is handy for this if you have one, but as it's only paper you're folding it's not necessary.  Turn the paper 90° and fold again.

3. Fold in the corners.

4. Fold the pointy bit up.  "Pointy bit" being a technical term.  :-)

5.  Repeat this for however many pages you want.  Punch some holes along the folded edge and you can now assemble it into a book using book rings, ribbon, or a binding machine and fill it with your tags.

I hope that makes sense.  If it doesn't just let me know.



  1. Amazingly easy when you know how!! That's me sorted for the next few days as I have my grandaughter, Rhiannon's birthday coming up on the 13th and she just loves mini books. Thanks so much Lynne xx

  2. My book is made now i just have to make my tags xx


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