Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Monochrome Clarity Winterland Card

Decisions, decisions!  Which card should I blog first?  In the end I thought I'd just do them in the order they appear in the group shot.  Simples!

I got the idea for this one from the shape of the Winterland stamp and I sized the card to fit it. The stamp is just over 10.5cm wide but I rounded each panel down to 10.5cm, so that it was easy to score on my Hougie Board. Once I'd done that I cut the slope so that it would finish just above the Nestabilities shape at the bottom. Then it was just a case of adding some details.  

The sheep are from the Remountable Farm set and the geese are from the Remountable Village set.  

I created the snowdrifts with a Post-it note cut to shape and an Ink Duster. I decoupaged a couple of the sheep to give the card a bit more dimension, then finished it all off with some sparkly Glamour dust.

On the show there was a gorgeous card shown by Annie Mehew. She had done a beautiful winter scene with the same Winterland stamp and the little labrador that I have on my Handmade by Lynne Hammond stamp (it is available as a separate stamp in the Remountable Home set). Anyway, I wish I'd thought of doing it. It looked so cute! I think it will be making an appearance on some of my Christmas cards. Thanks for the idea Annie.



  1. I love monochrome cards Lynne this is lovely and I really need to use my hougie board havent used it at all yet lol huggles xxx

  2. Incredibly beautiful and so realistic! The snow drifts have caught the light so well - or rather, you have fashioned them in such a way as to appear so. This is piece of work to be defined by - way to go, Lynne! High-5. And, what next?

  3. Yes this is a very nice card, I think the sheep make this card well done. xx

  4. Beautiful card Lynne and I too love the black and white. I think it is great the way all clarity stamps mix and match. ( I too may have to borrow the Labrador idea) so many ideas....thanks for the inspiration. X


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