Sunday, 7 April 2013

April's Clarity Samples

Another great weekend of shows from Barbara Gray. So many clever ideas from the Design Team too.

These are my samples.

Growing up on the Norfolk coast, the seaside stamps were just my thing. As you can see I got a bit carried away with shrink plastic and my Hunstanton postcard even inspired Barbara to take a trip there yesterday.

Douglas looked a bit like a conductor to me, so I made a musical themed card with him.  The other ladies joined him for a wedding scene, complete with Flower Soft confetti and a shrink plastic bouquet.

I went blue and made a Delft tile card with the stamps for Lesson 16.

The tree stamps card from Lesson 15 showcases my first attempts with Frantage and the Gelli plate.

I hope you'll come back as I'll be blogging them all individually over the next week or so.



  1. Absolutely stunning Lynne, your ideas are fabulous. Wish I had your creativity and imagination.xx

  2. Ah so enjoyed this morning's shows , we had a good look at the Dt's samples which is what I really look forward to after all the work you ladies put in. Your samples were as insipring as ever ... loved them all but the shells ones were fabulous, love what you did with Laurel and Douglas in the wedding one... Laurel looks just like the overbearing aunt that wants to kiss everyone it made me smile. Look forward to seeing a more detailed look soon xxx Annie

  3. Great idea to use a musical theme for Douglas and you've made me want the shell stamps, I didn't think I needed them - but I do now! Love the shading and colours you've used for the beach/sea cards - brilliant art work as usual.

  4. Fantastic samples always your work is inspirational seeing them on the t.v. Hugs. Jo. X

  5. Love your cards as always Lynne, I'm going to get the seashell stamps too and I thought Douglas made a good conductor! Looking forward to seeing your cards closer up as you blog them x

  6. Such lovely Jo says you are an Inspiration xxx


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