Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wedding Card - Douglas and Annabel's Special Day!

I just had to blog this one first as it caused such a stir at the weekend. I had lots of comments on Facebook about it and my Crafty Little Blog has never had so many visitors.....

...sadly it wasn't due to my card making genius, but a bouquet of flowers!  lol

It was all going so well, until they zoomed in on the bouquet and Barbara Gray got the giggles, this was closely followed by risqué remarks from Nigel. By then I was in fits of laughter and Hubby was saying, "Told you, told you". Sorry Barbara, maybe this was one of those times when I should have listened to him. Still we'd have all missed out on a good giggle if I had.

The idea for the card actually came from my Mum when she was up for the Harrogate show. I wasn't convinced at first but after we'd stamped it out I really liked it.

I scanned that image into my Silhouette Studio and sized an arch shaped card blank to fit the scene. Once I had that cut out I just had to stamp it onto it and colour it in with my ProMarkers.

I wanted to give Lily a bouquet to make her look more like a bride, but after looking through my Clarity stamps the only one I had that was suitable was the long floral flourish from the Corners and Flourishes Set that Linda Spencer used on her fab Hen Party card.

I wanted to do something different though and thought shrink plastic could be the answer. I took the flowers from the Garden Set and the bow from the Corners and Flourishes Set, coloured them in with watercolour pencils and shrunk them. Voila! Pretty little bridal bouquet.

It's all finished off with Sweet Pea coloured Flower Soft which Noreen McKie kindly helped me choose when we were at Harrogate. I'd only used the white for snow on Christmas cards before so she gave me some tips too. The main one was to use the proper Flower Soft glue. I dug mine out when we got home and had a closer look at it and it does seem to be thicker than my other PVA glues. The Flower Soft was still on the card when it was shown on TV so it did its job anyway.

I thought it looked really pretty when I'd finished it, but I never expected it to make quite such an impact. It could have been worse though, at several people have said to me, at least I didn't use Clarity's "To Have and To Hold" stamp!!!

Stamps Used
Bride and Groom - Annabel and Douglas
Guests - Rosie and Laurel



  1. I loved this card when I first saw it on the morning shows, I knew immediately it was yours, especially as it involved the bloomin corner stsmp set. When I saw it again in the afternoon and heard Nigel's 'risque' comments and then saw Barbara in fits of giggles it just became 'my card of the day'. It's still very beautiful but I will always think of it and smile when I see 'To Have & to Hold' on wedding cards in the future. Thanks for the inspiration and the giggles xxx Annie

  2. That certainly did give me a smile this morning. I didn't see the show but I can imagine.

  3. I saw your wonderful card on TV and adore the wedding scene you have created with these character stamps, perfect!

  4. I loved this card on telly and Nigel soo made me laugh sometimes we just have to think a bit of ALL the stamps we have and it is amazing what you can "concoct" - oo that sounds like we are stamp witches he he he (witchlike cackle)


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