Sunday, 21 April 2013

Delft Tile Style Windmill Card

I love windmills. I see one across the fields every day when I walk Maya. There is also a gorgeous one that I drive past on my way back from the supermarket. The cap of that one has been replaced with an octagonal room that has large glass windows on each side. It must have fantastic views and I would love to live there. How fab would a craft room up there be!

Anyway, despite all of that, when I saw the new windmill stamp I decided to go to Holland (well, not literally but you know what I mean) and create a Delft tile scene.

I think it probably came into my mind thanks to the little clog ornament that I have. They can't remember how it came into their possession but Mum and Dad have had it since I was a kid. Somehow it's ended up in one of the drawers of my Welsh dresser, so I dug it out and set about creating my own little piece of "Delft".

I cut two circle masks on my Cameo - Using the smaller one I inked through the aperture to create the scene, then I used the larger circle to mask off the scene and create a small white border between the two.

Stamps Used



  1. Beautiful Lynne - it could be part of a dinner service. colours are just right xx

  2. Fabulous as always Lynne.x

  3. Lovely,looks as wonderful as the original designs.

  4. Wow - wonderful card Lynne. I have been to the Delft factory in Holland and this looks so much like something you would find there. Love it! Di xx

  5. Gorgeous, Lynne and so true to original Delft china.My mum and gran had lots of pieces which have ended up with me I love them xxx Annie

  6. Hi Lynne- I too have little ornaments like you, both clogs and a windmill that my Grandparents brought back for me from their travels when I was young. I have them in my front room cabinet and it was the first thing that came to my mind also whn I saw this set. It is such a lovely set and lends itself to so many wonderful scenes. Your card is beautiful and I was fascinated to hear about your use of the cameo. Lots of love, Emily x


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