Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sending You Sunshine Gelli Print

These cards were made for a couple of my crafty friends who've been having a tough time of it lately. Hopefully these and the other cards they received put a smile on their faces and let them know that people care.

I used the same design for them both, as I thought it was perfect for the occasion,

but being Gelli prints they are both slightly different.

I sized the stencil to fit the card and cut it out of parchment paper on my Cameo (it's a Loni Stevens design from the Silhouette Store). Parchment cuts really crisply and as it's thin it's easy to get a good print from it. It's also a really cheap way to get a stencil for a specific project.

I started off the printing by brayering yellow and orange paint onto my Gelli plate. I then used a variety of items to add texture to it (bubble wrap, a letter stencil, and sequin waste) before taking a print off it. This gave me the base layer.

Then I covered the Gelli plate in orange paint. I added a little bit of texture to this, using bubble wrap, before placing my sun stencil on top and taking another print on top of the first. The two together make the sun.

Out came my favourite Meadow Dance stamp to add the characters down the bottom. They look like they are having fun and bring joy to any card. The sentiment is perfect as that is what I wanted to do.

To make it into a card I added a thin black mat with my 1/16th Perfect Layers ruler (although I don't always mention this, I think I must use it on nearly every card I make) and then did a yellow and orange Gelli print straight onto the card for the base layer.

Stamps Used

I hope I've brought you a little sunshine today too.



  1. clever us what you are mrs. they are beautiful x

  2. I love it Lynne! Very bright and sunshiney xx

  3. Wow! What a clever idea with the sun, it's absolutely fabulous xx

  4. Both are brillant Lynne, and how clever you are....the stencil has worked telly well. I hope your friends find better times. Hugs. X


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