Monday, 13 May 2013

In The Classroom With Barbara Gray - Lesson 16

I really enjoyed this lesson but my stamping didn't all go smoothly! I was ready to bin it and start again at one stage but I stuck with it and really liked the end result. I've not been able to share it before now as it was for a friend's birthday and I wanted to wait until after she'd seen it.

It was all going quite nicely until I managed to get black ink from the side of my hand on the bottom right corner.  Luckily some extra grasses were able to cover that up.

I was also too heavy handed with the Butterscotch ink doing the sky and my picture was looking like a Norwich City scarf, so I added some Adirondack Mountain Rose to calm it down a bit. After that it changed from something that I nearly binned to something I was really pleased with. It just shows how a couple of simple additions can really transform something.

My friend lives on a dairy farm so I thought that a couple of cows would be a fun finishing touch.

Stamps Used
Cows from the Remountable Farm Set



  1. Love your version Lynne, and I'm sure your friend did too x

  2. Lovely card again Lynne, love that you also used the remountable farm yard stamps, lovely calming colours also.

  3. Lovely card Lynne bet your friend was very pleased xx


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