Thursday, 5 December 2013

Angelina Fibres Chrysanthemum

I really enjoy reading Barbara Gray's blog every day, although when I read her post "A Stencil Breakthrough" it made me swear somewhat!  Let me explain.....

....... I've recently got quite into film and fibres and when I saw this stencil I thought it would look beautiful done in them. The question was "How?". I didn't think you'd be able to heat the stencil, like you can a stamp, so I tried to figure out how else I could do it.

Eventually I had what I thought was a brilliant idea - I spread out a load of the fibres and with an iron fused them into a sheet. I then ran that through my Grand Calibur with the stencil to emboss it. It looked pretty good but needed more definition, so then came the second part of my great idea - I covered my large Gelli plate with black acrylic paint and Slow Drying Gel Medium and used that to ink up the stencil. I placed that back on top of the embossed sheet of fibres and ran it through my Calibur again to transfer the ink. Bingo!

I was so chuffed with my idea, until a few days later when I read Barbara's blog and found out that you can use heat on the stencils!!!!!!!!!! Cue much swearing and laughing from me. So if you want to know how to do it properly read Barbara's post here.

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Oh that did make my laugh Lynne, but at least you found an alternative method.xx

  2. It's easy when you know how! I always seem to go with the difficult way to do things. Just grateful you guys are out there experimenting and passing our your knowledge

  3. Oh Well this look good as well Lynne xxxx

  4. Well it looks fab anyway Lynne and now people have two ways to get great results!!! X

  5. Fabulous Lynne....and I think you have invented a new way to use the should be really pleased ....great inspiration as always...Jo. X

  6. well Lynne i think with the wider surface area your idea might be the better way and then it's good to have 2 ways of doing something xx

  7. That made me laugh Lynne. I love your persistence and as others say, it's good to have alternatives x

  8. Oh Lynne, no wonder you were swearing! But yours look beautiful and it's always good to experiment. Who knows what other possibilities this may now lead too. X


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