Sunday, 22 December 2013

Penguins and Lily-May's First Christmas Card

I do love penguins!

I had a toy one as a kid and he went everywhere with me.

Now, as an adult, I can't resist a cute penguin stamp. Last year it was the Hobby Art Christmas Penguins and this year I just had to have Archie & Pals (also by Hobby Art).

I used it with the Claritystamp Letter Box stamps to make this card for my great-niece. I hope she will like them too.

A while ago I shamefully admitted that I'd bought a couple of cards but they were so cute I couldn't resist them. I have a M&S calendar in my craft room that has the most adorable little felted creatures on and I spotted that they had Christmas cards in the same design. One of them was perfect for my hubby...........

......but it had this on it.

That's nothing a crafter can't fix though and I soon had it looking like this.

Before I go I thought I'd share this too. I had a go at recreating the first photo yesterday (getting on for 40 years later). We haven't aged a bit!  



  1. Love it Lynne, i remember your fab design last year. Bought the embossing folder you used, but it's still sitting in the cupboard. Oops perhaps next year! Have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to being inspired by you in 2014. Elaine Phillips x

  2. Aw Lynne you were just as cute as a kid as you are now!! I had a very special Teddy but unfortunately he went off to stay on some lovely teddy farm where they have picnics every day???? Lovely cards Lynne.

  3. Aw bless Lynne - you are so right you haven't aged a bit I love these cards - such cute penguins too xx

  4. Aw how lovely .... the before and after pic of you and your penguin. Lily May's card will be one to treasure forever and as for re-jigging an M&S card well it doesn't surprise me because your cards are always full of surprises xx

  5. Aww! I love penguins too! I used to go to Edinburgh zoo quite a few times a year and it was great to see the penguin parade, they would come right up to you. This is a lovely card you have made Lynne, what's not to like! Hope you have a wonderful christmas and looking forward to the inspiration that you give to us all. xxx

  6. Aw how cute, love what you did with the card xxxx


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