Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stained Glass Effect Tile

When I saw the Flowers Stencil I thought it looked like a piece of stained glass and I wondered how I could recreate that effect. I don't have any glass paints so I had to improvise.

I used the stencil and my Cameo to cut the black outline out of some vinyl but you could draw around it and colour it in.

Once I had that in place I coloured it in with ProMarkers. I did this on rough paper first to make sure that I had all of the stalks, leaves and flowers correct. I thought I'd found them all but looking at it now I can see a tiny bit that I've missed. Can you spot it?

When I was happy with the colouring I went over all of the sections with Glossy Accents. My hand was shaking from squeezing the bottle by the time I'd finished but was worth it as it gives it the look of glass. 

I don't believe it! I've just spotted another bit - I've missed a whole leaf out too. I was really pleased with it until I started writing this!!!!!  Oh well, it's too late to change it now.

Stencil Used

To top it all I've just been upstairs and found my rough work - I had them coloured in on that. What am I like?

A rather annoyed with herself Lynne 


  1. Stunning lynne, I could only after much searching see a little bit bottom right but honestly I love this. I don't have a fancy gadget (:-( ) so black card it is. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. You do love a challenge and finding your own solution that's why I find you so inspiring .. as for the missed bits... I've looked and looked but I cannot find the missing stem and as for the leaf well it hardly shouts out "You missed a bit"... Love it all xxx

  3. gosh lynne this is stunning. if you hadn't mentioned it nobody would have noticed anything. it's really beautiful xx

  4. Hi Lynne, just setting up a link from my Blog to here because I am talking about you in my Challenge Blog, so you will have to wait and see!! This card is absolutely lovely. I can see the little bit you missed but not the whole leaf? xx

  5. It is very nice. I like it.


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