Friday, 20 December 2013

My 2013 Christmas Card - Maya The Chocolate Nosed Reindeer

Here it is.......... 2013 Christmas card starring Maya. It may not be a stamping masterpiece but they were all made with love.

I took the photo way back in January when we had snow. I'd struggled to get last year's cards done and I thought it would a handy back-up plan in case the same thing happened again. I was right, it was! 

We've taken so many photos like this that we now have it down to a fine art - Hubby holds the treat and I snap away, quickly! These antlers are quite good though as they are actually for dogs and have an elasticated band to keep them on. They were bought in the Accessorize sale. I bought a little elf hat style one in Strikes Garden Centre for this year so maybe I should get some photos taken ready for next year's card!

I printed a load of the photos out and matted them onto brown card to match Maya. I then went through my scrapbook papers picking out all of the Christmassy red and green ones to give the background some variation. Then it was just a case of sticking them all together and stamping the greeting. So I suppose there was some stamping involved........

I hope they made people smile.



  1. I loved my card! And Digey is already burying his Santa hat in anticipation of my plans for our next years card!!

  2. What organisation Lynne, I don't know why I surprised. Maya looks so cute and, great cards.

  3. Yes, my card made me smile...Thanks Lynne...and it has pride of place on my fireplace.....Maya is gorgeous and Tess is in Love...... I may just borrow this idea for next year....please..... Jo. X

  4. love my card and Maya looks so cute xx

  5. this is the one we've all been waiting for!! fabulous cards, you're forgiven for the lack of stamping because your beautiful girl more than makes up for it. She is so good, Jasper always looks tormented when I try this:( .Ah you got the Elf hat!! I saw it in a photo you posted of the display in Strikes ... but when I got there they had all gone .... and I had already bought a stamp to use on the card ... 'Elf & Safety'...I'll have to be quicker next year . Have a lovely \Christmas xxx Annie & Jasper

  6. Maya will certainly make folks smile! Happy holidays to you and yours! And a hug for Maya...she's adorable!


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