Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hubby's Birthday Card

I can't believe this is my last post of 2013. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog this year, I hope you've enjoyed it.

I wonder what new Clarity stamps and things I will be blogging about next year?

As I mentioned in my last post, I really enjoy Barbara Gray's lessons. As well as watching the ones on TV I also have all of her DVDs.

When I saw this project on the new one I knew it would be perfect for my diving mad hubby.

I was so pleased with how it turned out. I did have a bit of a problem colouring the fish though as I only had a couple of Distress Markers but I've since bought some more. The next ones will be more colourful!

Well, I guess that's it for 2013. I hope you'll join me on New Year's Day when I'll be sharing my next project for the Claritystamp Challenge Blog.

DVD Used


Friday, 27 December 2013

Family Christmas Cards

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, we did. After all that work, it's over so quickly though but before I move on to other things I have three final Christmas cards to share with you.

I love designing my own cards but I also love doing the In The Classroom with Barbara Gray lessons. It's nice just to have the fun of making something without having to think about the design.

When I saw Barbara make this card with the Lesson 20 Jigsaw Set I thought it would be perfect for our parents' cards. 

If you would like to have a go Barbara has a picture tutorial here on her blog. It's a fun one to make. I personalised mine by adding the text.

Mum also loves her crafting and this is the card she made for us. 

Maya wasn't forgotten. She got one too.

My Card - Stamps and Stencils Used 
Winter Wonderland Set - Lesson 14
Jigsaw Kit - Lesson 20


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Well, it's nearly here. There's only one more sleep until Christmas Day. I hope you've got everything done; I just have presents to wrap and mince pies to eat.

I've been saving this ATC for today's post so that I can wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

The snowman is made with white Angelina Fibres and his scarf and hat are coloured with ProMarkers. The snow is Shabby White Frantage Embossing Powder.

See you all after Christmas.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Penguins and Lily-May's First Christmas Card

I do love penguins!

I had a toy one as a kid and he went everywhere with me.

Now, as an adult, I can't resist a cute penguin stamp. Last year it was the Hobby Art Christmas Penguins and this year I just had to have Archie & Pals (also by Hobby Art).

I used it with the Claritystamp Letter Box stamps to make this card for my great-niece. I hope she will like them too.

A while ago I shamefully admitted that I'd bought a couple of cards but they were so cute I couldn't resist them. I have a M&S calendar in my craft room that has the most adorable little felted creatures on and I spotted that they had Christmas cards in the same design. One of them was perfect for my hubby...........

......but it had this on it.

That's nothing a crafter can't fix though and I soon had it looking like this.

Before I go I thought I'd share this too. I had a go at recreating the first photo yesterday (getting on for 40 years later). We haven't aged a bit!  


Friday, 20 December 2013

My 2013 Christmas Card - Maya The Chocolate Nosed Reindeer

Here it is.......... 2013 Christmas card starring Maya. It may not be a stamping masterpiece but they were all made with love.

I took the photo way back in January when we had snow. I'd struggled to get last year's cards done and I thought it would a handy back-up plan in case the same thing happened again. I was right, it was! 

We've taken so many photos like this that we now have it down to a fine art - Hubby holds the treat and I snap away, quickly! These antlers are quite good though as they are actually for dogs and have an elasticated band to keep them on. They were bought in the Accessorize sale. I bought a little elf hat style one in Strikes Garden Centre for this year so maybe I should get some photos taken ready for next year's card!

I printed a load of the photos out and matted them onto brown card to match Maya. I then went through my scrapbook papers picking out all of the Christmassy red and green ones to give the background some variation. Then it was just a case of sticking them all together and stamping the greeting. So I suppose there was some stamping involved........

I hope they made people smile.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Postage Stamp Cards

If you read my blog regularly you probably know that I was struggling to find the time and enthusiasm to make my personal Christmas cards. I had the best of intentions but other things kept getting in the way.

In the end I thought that I'd create a few variations of one card and set up my own little production line.

The basic idea was to have the Winterland stamp, that I spoke about in my previous post, as the background, with different stamps (deer, snowman, dog etc.) in the foreground. This was the first one that I made using the Kids and Sledge stamp.

I then made this one for my sister-in-law as she loves her horses.

Then I realised that they weren't quite as quick and simple as I thought (even getting the postage stamp straight and central had a big potential of going wrong) and they were abandoned.

Next time I'll show you what took their place. It involves Maya, as most things do! 

Forgive me crafters, but I may have bought a couple as well.

Stamps Used

Round Christmas greeting is by Lili of the Valley


Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Winterland Bunnies

Things are finally coming along nicely here crafty-wise. My Christmas cards have all been handed out or posted, I've made my first two samples for January's Clarity shows, my next project for the Claritystamp Challenge Blog and I'm about to share with you my final card from December's shows.

It features the Large Winterland stamp and the cute little bunnies (love them!). The Winterland stamp is such useful stamp to have. It makes a beautiful, instant background that you can change the look of depending on what you put in front of it.

It's a really simple one to make - I stamped the scene and "Happy Christmas", then masked them off with Post-its so that I could stencil over them. The Clarity stencil brushes are perfect for this.

Some Glamour Dust on the roofs and trees finish it off.

If you like the Winterland stamp make sure you come back on Wednesday as my next post will be about my personal Christmas cards and feature it. More about that then though.

Stamps and Stencils Used


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stained Glass Effect Tile

When I saw the Flowers Stencil I thought it looked like a piece of stained glass and I wondered how I could recreate that effect. I don't have any glass paints so I had to improvise.

I used the stencil and my Cameo to cut the black outline out of some vinyl but you could draw around it and colour it in.

Once I had that in place I coloured it in with ProMarkers. I did this on rough paper first to make sure that I had all of the stalks, leaves and flowers correct. I thought I'd found them all but looking at it now I can see a tiny bit that I've missed. Can you spot it?

When I was happy with the colouring I went over all of the sections with Glossy Accents. My hand was shaking from squeezing the bottle by the time I'd finished but was worth it as it gives it the look of glass. 

I don't believe it! I've just spotted another bit - I've missed a whole leaf out too. I was really pleased with it until I started writing this!!!!!  Oh well, it's too late to change it now.

Stencil Used

To top it all I've just been upstairs and found my rough work - I had them coloured in on that. What am I like?

A rather annoyed with herself Lynne 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Madeleine Gelli Print

This is my Madeleine Gelli print card. I do love black and pink together.

It's a very simple one - I created a vibrant pink Gelli print for the background and then used black acrylic paint to add her on top. 

This was another attempt but I thought there was too much pattern behind her. It looked a bit distracting to me, so I chose the top version where that area is more of a solid colour.

Before I go I thought I'd share this too. I added some Buff Titanium paint to the residue on the Gelli plate at the end of the session. I think it's my favourite Gelli print that I've done, there's just something about it that I really love. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Suggestions welcome.  

Stencils Used


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lily and her Chrysanthemums

Morning everyone, I thought I'd better get this written before I get struck down with another headache and can't face a computer screen (although the last one might have been self-induced). It's party week here (there are always so many functions on the last week before Christmas) and I'm getting too old for it!

Bringing things back to a more sedate level, here's a lovely serene scene of Lily in her garden. The main image is all one layer so there's lots of masking involved. I cut 4 layers of Post-its in one go for the flowers though so it wasn't too bad.

The pattern on Lily's dress is made by stamping her onto some copy paper and cutting out the part you want to stamp onto. This creates a mask that you can then stamp through. I used the Ornate Corner stamp for this to add the pattern.

Talking of the Christmas parties, I had to share these photos that I took the other night. They made me smile.

I was sat at the table when I recognised something familiar - one of my Christmas cards from last year.........

..........with this written on the back. It had a special message for our table in it. I was really touched that they'd kept it. 

Stamps Used
Chrysanthemums - Large
Trees from Lesson 21 - Remountable Winter Trees Set

Must get on, shopping to do today. 


Monday, 9 December 2013

Santa Stop Here Card

Another Christmassy one today - my "Santa Stop Here Card'.

With the show being at the beginning of December I thought it would be a fun way to use the British Isles stamp.

The British Isles is stamped in black Archival ink to give it a lovely solid colour.

The new shapes for the Letter Box kit were stamped and masked off, along with the moon, before I brayered the sky. The snow is Shabby White Frantage embossing powder sprinkled carefully over and heated.

It was asked where the arrow is pointing to when it was on TV and I can now reveal that the answer is............... nowhere in particular. The curved arrow was cut on my Cameo and my original idea was to point it to where I live in North Yorkshire but in the end I just went for where it looked good!

I should be alright though as I have this little guy in my window. Hopefully Santa will see it.

Stamps Used


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Angelina Fibres Chrysanthemum

I really enjoy reading Barbara Gray's blog every day, although when I read her post "A Stencil Breakthrough" it made me swear somewhat!  Let me explain.....

....... I've recently got quite into film and fibres and when I saw this stencil I thought it would look beautiful done in them. The question was "How?". I didn't think you'd be able to heat the stencil, like you can a stamp, so I tried to figure out how else I could do it.

Eventually I had what I thought was a brilliant idea - I spread out a load of the fibres and with an iron fused them into a sheet. I then ran that through my Grand Calibur with the stencil to emboss it. It looked pretty good but needed more definition, so then came the second part of my great idea - I covered my large Gelli plate with black acrylic paint and Slow Drying Gel Medium and used that to ink up the stencil. I placed that back on top of the embossed sheet of fibres and ran it through my Calibur again to transfer the ink. Bingo!

I was so chuffed with my idea, until a few days later when I read Barbara's blog and found out that you can use heat on the stencils!!!!!!!!!! Cue much swearing and laughing from me. So if you want to know how to do it properly read Barbara's post here.

Stamps and Stencils Used


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Greetings From London

Weren't the weekend's shows fab? They always go so quickly though. It's hard to believe that the next time Barbara is on it will be 2014.

This is the first of my samples that were on the shows.

It was inspired by this ATC that I'd made previously.

They were both made in the same way - by masking off the central panel before stamping the border, then colouring them in with ProMarkers.

For the card, the word "London" is made up of letters from the other sentiments in the kit e.g. the "L" and "O" come from the "Love" stamp."

For the ATC I printed out the large "O" on my computer and used the regular Letter Box stamps for the rest.

The flag on the ATC is a little pin badge that I bought on eBay.

You could also use the Welsh and Scottish sets to do something similar.

Stamps Used

Off to walk Maya now. When I come back I am going to start my own Christmas cards!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Scene Building - An English Country Garden

It's the first of December! That means the start of a new challenge on the Claritystamp Challenge Blog. The theme for this month is classic Clarity - "Scene Building".

Congratulations to the winner and top 5 of this month's "Christmas" Challenge. Quite a few of those featured beautiful scenes. I think it's something that most Clarity fans enjoy and I look forward to seeing what you all create.

This is what I've made. It uses the Cottage Scene Stencil that Barbara used on the lesson show yesterday.

I think that the secret to a good scene lies in the planning and I probably spend as long doing this as I do making it.

The first thing I do is flick though my Claritystamp Catalogue, which contains stamped images of all of the Clarity stamps that I own, and choose which ones I am going to use. The main one I picked here was the Small Swing stamp. I then chose stamps that I thought were the correct scale and would complement it.

I then start stamping them to work out where they're all going to go. This is some of my rough work from this scene (ignore the strange church on its side on the top middle one, I think I was just looking at the difference between first and second generation ink). It also shows the paper I ripped to create the hills.

I initially used the black part of the cottage but then I realised that I didn't I didn't need that for planning, I could just put the stencil on top of the paper (you can see that in the bottom middle image). As you can see I don't worry too much about technique when I'm doing this, it's just about trying to get the composition (especially the perspective) right. Just moving a stamp slightly can make a big difference. 

I made the scene, especially the sky, a lot more vibrant than I normally would as the black is quite stark. The silhouettes are all stamped in black Archival except for the weather vane which is embossed. 

On the previous versions of this, that I blogged last month, I used black acrylic paint and the Gelli plate for the black area. On yesterday's show Barbara used Black Soot Distress Ink and a make-up sponge. For this version though I cut it out of black card with my Silhouette Cameo.

Just for fun I converted the photo into black & white. I quite like that version too.

This is such a versatile stencil as you can theme the scene to suit the recipient. Jackie asked on Facebook yesterday about a golfing scene and I think it would work really well. Where we lived before here was next to a really hilly course and this scene reminds me of it. You could put the horizon a bit lower and add in some more detail in the sky - a sun, some birds, text or even a hot air balloon. The rolling hills could then be transformed into a golf course - you could add a bunker, draw in some flags and the golfer silhouette from the Remountable Sport Set. I hope that helps Jackie. 

Stamps and Stencils Used
Cows and Small Cockerel from the remountable Farm Set
Weather Vane - Lesson 21
Well and Lamp Post from the Remountable Village Set
Labrador from the Remountable Home Set


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