Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Hi everyone. I've been dressing up poor Maya again. I was out shopping recently and spotted this cute little leprechaun's hat. I thought it might make my readers from the Emerald Isle smile, so I couldn't resist adding it to her collection.

Happy St Patrick's Day

I hope you have a lovely day; I'm off to go and look at sewing machines. The Great British Sewing Bee and the Create and Craft sewing shows have got me wanting to get sewing again and I think my 25 year old machine needs to be updated. There's so much choice now I could be a while!

Lynne and Maya The Leprechaun


  1. Lol poor Maya. Have a lovely day and happy sewing x

  2. Such an obedient !!! and cute dog (bet food was involved)

  3. How could I resist coming to say Hi to Maya....what a gorgeous photo...doggy hugs....
    Hope you had a good day Lynne and I look forward to seeing how you get on with your sewing....xxxx


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