Sunday, 1 March 2015

March's Claritystamp Samples

Hi everyone. Did you see you Barbara on telly earlier? It's a great way to spend a Sunday morning and I always come away with lots of ideas.

These are the ideas I had for today's show. There's a definite feel of spring about them. Hopefully it will be here soon.

The new fairies and bird stamps are such fun to use and it's always great to see the bunnies again (they are one of my favourite sets). I also enjoyed using the floral stamps and one of Barbara's demos has given me an idea for one of my Mother's Day cards. I might even make it later.

As always I will be blogging them all individually throughout the month.

I'm off to give Maya a cuddle now. She's got a bit of a poorly tummy and is feeling rather sorry for herself.

Happy crafting,



  1. Beautiful cards Lynne, hard to pick a favourite, can't believe I don't have the Bunnies. Big loves to Maya from me and the boys xx

    1. Thanks Lisa. It's very odd her being quiet! x

  2. beautiful cards. love the bunny one and might take inspiration from it if you don't mind. lovely flower/birdie ones too xx

  3. Thanks Theresa. Of course you may. I did a similar one for my Dad's birthday that I'll be blogging later in the month too. x

  4. Beautiful cards Lynne, love them all.

  5. Fabulous cards as always Lynne. Always can rely on you for inspiration. Happy Birthday by the way. xxxx


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