Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New Home Card

Morning everyone. I'm off to the dentist for a check-up in a bit, so I thought I'd take my mind off it by doing a spot of blogging.

Today's card is one I made for my friend Connie who is German. After over 30 years' service her husband is leaving the Army and they are going to live in Germany. We met just over two years ago at a Christmas function and hit it off straight away. We've been out for coffee, cake and shopping nearly every week since. Life will be a lot quieter now, although my waistline and bank balance will probably be better off!

I thought that a cuckoo clock card would be fun as it ties in with the German/New Home theme.

It's a Samantha Walker design that I purchased from the Silhouette Store. I did it as a Print and Cut on my Cameo filling in the pieces with various patterned paper designs that I also purchased from the Silhouette Store.

The background is my favourite printable, Fleur Frame by Glitz Design (also purchased from the Silhouette Store).

I was particularly pleased with how the weights turned out. The compass design on the patterned paper gives them the look of the real thing.

This is mine that we bought when we were in Germany. It hangs on the wall to the left of my computer and always makes me smile when it cuckoos (I do turn off the cuckoo at night though -that would not make me smile!).

Connie certainly made me smile and I hope her and her hubby enjoy their new life in Germany.



  1. Beautiful card Lynne, wish I had a Silhouette, shame you don't live down here we could have met up for coffee and cake :-) x

    1. Thanks Julie. You're right, that is a shame but if you're ever in this part of the world you're welcome to come and have a play. x

  2. You sure know how to make good use of your silhouette cameo. Lovely card. Very reminiscent. There's a very nice coffee shop near me so whenever you are in the vicinity you would be very welcome xx

    1. Thank you Theresa. I'll remember that if I'm ever down your way. x

  3. Another lovely card Lynne. I would be up for coffee and cake any time xx

  4. It's a lovely card Lynne. Next time me and Knee Pad Heather get together I could give you a shout if you like. xxx


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