Sunday, 14 October 2012

Clarity Calendar

After watching Barbara's shows today I'm feeling all inspired. I've already had my stamps out and started a card using the Number kit from next month. I can picture what I want to do but I'm not yet sure how to make it into a card, so I thought it would be a good time for a break and a spot of blogging.

This calendar was another of my ideas for the letter stamps.

I used the coated Clarity card as I thought it would make it look like a glossy printed calendar. The grid was made on the computer and printed it out.  I finished it off with the stamped letters. Then came the fun bit, the brayering! Thanks to the Splodge Away mat I am getting more confident at this. It really does make it easier.

The split tree is from the Lesson 3 kit and the horse is from the Remountable Farm set.



  1. this is very clever Lynne like the split tree.

  2. I am entirely inspired because I am also scared to get going with this adventurous stuff - may I say watching your blog really helps?

  3. Soooooooo Pretty Lynne and what a good idea. xxx

  4. I loved this as soon as I saw it! Such a clever use of the letters kit! Love the picture you have created...your so clever at these! X

  5. Saw this on the TV and thought WoW! I love it, such a clever way to use the letters. Great job on the scenery too. xx

  6. Hi Lynne, this looked fab on the t.v. And is such a clever idea. What a good use of the stamps. The split tree looks fab too. Hugs. X


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