Saturday, 13 October 2012

In the Classroom with Barbara Gray - Lesson 12

What a fab lesson today on Create and Craft.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and crafted along with Barbara.  The letter kit is so useful.  I'm not surprised that Barbara said it was the best selling lesson kit so far.  I've already shared the first card I made with it, my PanPastel anniversary card, but I also made 3 more things.  I guess that shows how much I like them!

My first idea was a postcard of Eilean Donan castle.  I stamped the castle and bridge reflection onto Clarity double sided adhesive sheets, then turned it over to do the main image.  This is an easy way of getting a reflection!  The colour was then added with Perfect Pearls powder.  I think it looks really misty.

I was quite happy with it but I thought it might look better in colour.  So I tried again.

This one gave me a lot of grief!  I just couldn't get the reflection right.  In the end I tried using the Splodge Mat to stamp onto and then placing the card onto the ink. This was much easier and I finally ended up with some stamping I was happy with.  Unfortunately there was a blob above the H of HERE.  I couldn't face doing it again so I tried to think how I could cover it up......

Nessie!  Perfect...........well almost!

I know that Nessie doesn't really live there, so I added a P.S. to the back of the card that I had already decorated using the Clarity postcard stamps.  It made me laugh anyway!  :-)



  1. Brilliant cards Lynne...but then yours always are! I liked your calendar page shown on the show! X

  2. Love your work Lynne....Post cards are a lovely idea Have yet to see all the show have recorded it to watch later. So will look out for your work then....x

  3. 1 beautifully crafted, as always, Lynne
    2 cleverly devised designs
    3 very witty get-out clause!

  4. All your work is lovely Lynne, you're very talented, look forward to seeing your next creations xx


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