Tuesday, 16 October 2012

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Clarity Stamps - Santa's Sleigh

This card may look very simple but it gave me a lot of trouble!  It's very rare that I will complete a card in one go.  I tend to do a bit, then leave it overnight until I've made up my mind that it's how I want it. This one evolved over about a week!  I knew what I wanted to do but I just couldn't get it to look right.

The original version was red and green as I thought they're nice Christmassy colours.  That was far too busy though so I got out all my blue Distress Ink pads.  I used a sheet of A4 Clarity paper and brushed the various blues on with an ink duster.  I then sprayed some cling film with water and scrunched it on to the paper leaving it there to dry.  This blends the ink together and leaves a lovely effect.  I finished it off by stamping some Clarity snowflakes in Weathered Wood.

To get all of the 'Twas the Night stamps on I had to go large!  The card is 9"x 9".

The panel with the sleigh on is on foam pads to make it stand out and the sleigh itself is decoupaged.

It took a while but I got there in the end.



  1. love this card Lynne. very unusual. set me thinking now. mmm might get to.play tomorrow x

  2. Well I think it "evolved" beautifully Love the splash of red of the sleigh against the cool blue of the background
    Fi x

  3. Even though you've always been way above my skill-set in terms of stamping, I can see how you've gown in the past year. Well done!

  4. Awesome, but, where on earth did you get a card base 9x18?! :D Mo

    1. Thanks. I made it myself out of a large sheet of card. Luckily I didn't need an envelope! :) x


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