Friday, 12 October 2012


Sorry that I haven't posted for a while but I've had a poorly iMac.  Thankfully it's home now and hubby has put my photos back on so I have something to post.

I have been very busy making samples for the next Clarity shows that are on Create and Craft this weekend and will be posting them from tomorrow.  I just hope that the photos I took of them are OK as I was only able to view them on my camera before I handed them over to Barbara.

For now I thought I'd share something different.  I do love all sorts of crafts and cross stitch is one of them.

This is a Stitch-A-Photo by DMC of my first Labrador, B'Elanna when she was a puppy.  It really was a labour of love and took many years to complete.  Quite a few of them were spent at the back of a cupboard as the background was a nightmare to do.  Even though she was sat on a plain carpet there were so many different shades in the pattern.  I'm glad I persevered though as the end result was well worth it.  It's even more precious now that she is no longer with us.

This photo was taken over 7 years ago.   It shows the finished result with the original photo, along with the subject herself.

I hope you all enjoy the Clarity shows this weekend.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Barbara has in store for us.  I hope you'll come back to see what I've made.



  1. Oh Lynne, what can I say, you know I am a Labrador fan, so big Thank you for sharing your work and your photos with us. B'Ellana was so beautiful.......
    I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work this weekend with the fab Barbara Gray...... P.s. was great to finally meet you last week. Hugs. X

  2. Oh Lynne she was a beautiful dog!! That's a good idea having the photo on x-stitch! Wouldn't do for me tho I never got on with it!! Admire those who can do it!! Take care xxx


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