Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gatefold Clarity Meadow Dance Card

I really liked the gatefold card I did with these stamps for the the German shows, so I thought I do a similar one for the UK.

This time I made it bigger.  

Instead of putting the sun (Spellbinders Persian Accents die) on the front, like I did last time, I put it inside and cut the card so it could still be seen when it was closed.   I cut the card on my Cameo by scanning in a cut out image of the die and creating an offset around it.  I then cut it in half and welded one to each side.

It doesn't really show on the photo but there is some green grass mixed in with the black at the front.  I did this to make it tie in with the green trees in the background but looking at it now I think it might have been better if I'd done all of the stamping in black.

What do you think?



  1. Lynne, I just LOVE this card, it's stunning. I don't have a cameo, only a cricut but the work that you do on your cameo makes me wish I had one too but sadly don't have the room. (I've taken over too much of the house as it is!!) And the colours all look fine to me.xx

  2. I Love this card Lynne

    Have you posted it somewhere before when I saw it on telly I thought - I'm sure I've seen that card somewhere?
    I too haven't got a cameo but think could possibly sort something similar with a grand calibur.
    Keep these lovely cards coming xx

  3. I loved this one when I saw it on TV, it was layed out on the counter and I couldn't wait for them to pick it up so I could see the front. Its such a clever card Lynn and I love the fact its a "full" picture. Sam


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