Sunday, 15 September 2013

Four Seasons Tree

As soon as I saw the fab new 'Trees and Their Mantles' stamps for Lesson 21 I knew they would be perfect for a four seasons card. I've done a few variations on this in the past and I always enjoy making them.

As the name says, it shows the same tree in four different seasons.

I started off by drawing pencil lines to quarter the card. This helped me get the stamps accurately lined up in a square.

Then I drew a square in the centre of each stamp and masked each section off with Post-its as I worked on it.

For spring I inked the mantle up in Victorian Velvet Distress ink for the blossom and added a few dots of Mowed Lawn Distress Marker for the leaves. The daffodils were stamped with Mowed Lawn and Mustard Seed Distress Markers.

The grass is Lettuce Adirondack.

For summer I used vibrant greens and a lovely warm sun.  

For a change I stamped the labrador in black. I think it could be Maya's online friend Jasper looking for her.

For autumn I could have stamped the full Mantle in autumnal colours but instead I stamped part of it on the floor, for the fallen leaves, and added a couple of dots of ProMarker for the ones still on the tree.

For winter the tree is now bare and has been joined by Frosty looking very snuggly in his hat and scarf.

When I finished all of the stamping I edged the whole thing with a Pastel Blue ProMarker.

If you want to see what Barbara Gray does with them, Lesson 21 will be on Create and Craft TV at 11am on Saturday 12th October.

Stamps Used
Labrador from Remountable Home Set


  1. I really like this card, I really like tree and leaf stamps, these stamps are a must x

  2. Beautiful way of using these fabulous stamps, each seasons scene is beautiful but of course my fave has to be Summer .... Jasper searching for Maya .... he sends xxxx but wishes she would come out of the bushes to play with him :)Of course I will have to have these stamps and the Seasons title stamps oh dear !!! :) xxx Annie and J

  3. i love what you have done with this set Lynne. i'm so impressed at how you managed to align the stamps.... don't know that i could..ace xx

  4. As soon as I saw these, Lynne, I knew that you would do one of these cards! They are just perfect for it! It is a lovely card xxx

  5. Saw this on the box Lynne and I love it - even better close up xx


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