Friday, 20 September 2013

Welsh Birthday Card

This is the last of my samples from September's shows.

It's also my favourite!

When we lived in Brecon I don't really remember hearing a lot of Welsh being spoken but we were on holiday in North Wales last year and it was lovely to hear it. I thought it would be really nice to incorporate it into one of my Welsh cards. The Letter Box kit is great for this - you can write whatever you want.  For my fellow non-Welsh speakers Penblwydd Hapus means Happy Birthday and is pronounced PEN-BLUE-ITH HAP-IS. I did lots of Googling so that should be correct! 

The base is Theuva card. I started off by masking the central panel so that I could work on the frame. I stamped out the text and then triple embossed the tiles so that I could brayer over them. Doing it three times makes sure that the embossing is really smooth. The first layer I did using Versamark on the solid tile in the kit but I used a Versamark pen for the other two.

I then brayered over with Distress Ink and stamped the various Welsh images.

For the central panel I stamped Welsh Castle in the Six Cities of Wales frame and coloured it in with ProMarkers.

The outline of Wales was purchased from the Silhouette Store and cut on my Cameo. I coloured it in like the Welsh flag and added some more of the Welsh stamps.

Stamps Used



  1. Yet another gorgeous Welshy card that I love.... in fact you have inspired me to try to 'do' a variation on this card for my son's Birthday card. He and his partner are staunch Welsh rugby fans so I know he will love it, inside I am going to use a photo of them at a match wearing daffodil hats ... they look a right pair of daffo-dillys.
    We do appreciate that you do research your themed cards before making them, they're brilliant xxx Annie

    1. Thanks Annie. That sounds like a great idea for a card. I'm sure your son will love it. x

  2. This is lovely Lynne. You are right to double check research on Google, I did at one point make a card with a German phase, luckily I realised there wasn't enough letters for Happy Christmas - it actually said "In German" ! Sam

  3. Beautiful card Lynne, such an amazing amount of work. Just wonderful.

  4. Love this card Lynne and what a lot of work - triple embossing and research lol. xx

  5. Gorgeous card Linda and so much work....I can see why it is your favourite ....
    Have a good weekend...Jo. X

  6. lovely card Lynne. i really like the way you have built it up xx


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