Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Circus Scene

After making the previous card, I thought it would be fun to do a little circus scene in true Clarity style.

This is what I created. There's a lot of masking involved!

I started off by stamping and masking the ringmaster. I could then stamp the tent behind him and when that was masked, the trees could be done. Archival ink was used for all of these. I know you shouldn't use it with ProMarkers but I left it to dry overnight and was careful not to disturb the ink too much when I coloured him in.

The circus wagon was stamped in black Adirondack as there was a lot of ProMarker colouring to be done on that and I wasn't so bothered about it being really black.

I did however want the horses stamped in Archival so I coloured the yellow background in before I stamped them. When I'd finished colouring it was still looking a bit plain so I added the crackle stamp on top.

The bunting was stamped across the top and I masked off the surrounding letters with Post-its so that I could ink up each individual letter of the word CIRCUS.

Then everything was masked off so that I could add the scenery. I used a mixture of my brayer, sponges and brushes to do this. To save myself some really fiddly masking I only masked off the body of the wagon. I then coloured the wheels in black and added the black horse.

To make the tent stand out a bit more I added a line of black around it with a fine Micron pen.

I think that, like the other one, it has the look of a poster about it.

Stamps Used
Large Horse - Diamond Horse
Small Horses from the Best of the Classroom Set



  1. Fabulous Lynne I love it and such a lot of masking as you sayxx

  2. This is lovely Lynne, well worth the effort of all the msskomng. Thank you for sharing your method with us

  3. Oh Lynne you are so good at these scenes. Yes it does look like a poster and I love it.

  4. Brilliant Lynne, and all that work....I would have spoilt it and got ink on it at the end....a great example of a Clarity Scene....xx


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