Monday, 24 February 2014

Clock Card

This is the last of my samples from this month's Claritystamp shows. It's hard to believe that it's nearly time for the next one (Sunday 2nd March). It's not been a great week for me but I finally got started on my next lot of samples yesterday and that's how I plan on spending today too.

I'd just watched the 3D film "Hugo" when I got the Clockwork stencil. I don't know if you've seen it but it's a lovely film. Hugo is an orphan in 1930s Paris who lives in a train station and looks after the clocks. There are some fab 3D scenes where you're looking through the workings of the big station clocks. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and just had to make my own clock with this stencil. 

The clock part is a design from the Silhouette Store which I cut out on my Cameo. I then used the Clockwork stencil to fill in the workings. Unfortunately they're not in 3D and it doesn't work but it looks the part.

I must go and walk Maya now so that I can come back and play. I have lots of colouring to do and something "arty". As you know, I'm not good at "arty" so that could be interesting. I'm looking forward to having a go though.

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  1. good morning Lynne - my blogger fell out with me last week but appears to be ok this morning so I am just have a look at the latest stuff on my reading list. fingers crossed its going to stay friends lol. I love this Lynne great shading on the stencil xx

  2. fantastic lynne, it certainly looks 3d due to your skill at shading x

  3. Lovely Lynn and what a great card for a Man in particular.

  4. that card did remind me of Hugo. i watched it at the cinema some time ago and in 3-d. it's cool. and i love that card. simplicity itself but so nice xx

  5. Morning Lynne, I haven't seen Hugo...yet, so that is one for the list. What a great Mans card , and clever use of the stencil. I hope you have a great day and I look forward to seeing your next lot of samples of Sunday. ...Jo. X


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