Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I got Hubby's card made in time and it's lucky I did as he'd actually got me one. Normally on card giving occasions he will "have to go the the supermarket" for something the night before. However last night he stayed in and it was me who disappeared upstairs "for something".

Sometimes with a card it's all about the words and this is one of those times.

The stamp pretty much says it all..........

........but just to be sure I added some words of my own inside using my trusty Letter Box set.

I was very impressed with my colouring as I'd had half a bottle of cava beforehand (from M&S' Valentine's meal deal - which was very yummy, not sure what we're having tonight now though....). Bubbles do go to my head!

The stamp is this month's New Design Club stamp. If you are a member you will have yours already, if not it can be bought from Claritystamp next month. I stamped it in black Archival, then heat embossed it with clear powder as I was going to colour it in with ProMarkers. I used the same pen (Berry Red) to create the matching red mat.

I realised when I was making it that it was 30 years ago that he sent me my first valentine card. That makes me feel old!

Love to you all,



  1. Maybe your coloring is so good because you had the Cava?? Gorgeous card ! Happy Valentines Day And Congrats on lasting so Long with an Army Lad!!!

  2. Oh I used that stamp to make my valentines card! Your version is so perfect!!! It's a great stamp though isn't it!!! xxx

  3. Perfect Lynne...especially after Some Cava...the stamp is great and it makes a brilliant card ...enjoy your evening....Jo. X

  4. stunning and striking. love that colour combo. xx

  5. What a brilliant card! You're right - the stamp says it all. Love the message inside too x

  6. What a great card Lynne you are right about the stamp but I have to admit I like what you have out inside x


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