Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Christmas Living Room Card

Oops, I thought I'd finished all my cat cards but I just realised that one snuck on this too. Sorry Maya.

Wasn't Maria's show fab!  I really enjoyed her demos and I especially loved the peeping snowmen. So cute!

I was so pleased that she liked my samples and was really touched when she asked if she could use this card as the basis for one of her demos. I love what she did with it.

Normally I spend quite a while planning my cards on copier paper, so when I come to making the real thing I know exactly what I'm doing. This was made in a bit of a hurry though so I just went straight into it. Scary!

I started by stamping the window and the Christmas tree into place. I then masked off the whole of the window and set about a spot of decorating. Normally I would mask off the tree too but as I was in a rush I thought I'd just ink over it and cut another out and stick on top later. I went over the card using an Ink Duster and Adirondack Cranberry ink to take away the white and then used my new mini Camelia stamp (3rd generation ink -blotting twice on copier paper first) to create the wallpaper. For the carpet I used the same ink with an Ink Duster until I got a colour I liked. You can tell that Maya's not there as there's a distinct lack of muddy paw prints. The wrapping paper is still on the presents too!

Then it was time to do the window scene. I cut a mask to cover up the window frame and a couple of tiny ones for the handles, then stamped the snowman in place. He's then covered up so that the trees can be stamped. After that I added some blue ink with a sponge to add a bit of shadow.

It was lacking something though, so I had the idea of adding the cat. Unfortunately when I stamped it you could see the lines from the window through it. So I stamped it again on some white card and cut it out. I went around the cut edges with the chisel end of a black ProMarker, to take away any white bits that were showing, and stuck it into place. I didn't need to worry about the whiskers as they were already there from the stamped version underneath.

I actually rather like the effect that this gave and you don't have to worry about masking off the cat like I would have done if I'd planned it. It also worked well for the tree. That was stuck on the same way after I'd coloured it with ProMarkers. A touch of glitter adds a bit of bling.

Maybe I should just go with the flow more often!

Before I go I just want to say congratulations to Jo Rice on joining the Clarity Team.  I look forward to seeing what you create.

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  1. Loved this card and what a compliment for Maria to use your idea and put her spin on it!!!

    You really must get your laborador stamp out so Maya doesn't get a complex with all these cats you've been doing!!! X

  2. Another fabulous card Lynne. Also loved the upstairs/downstairs one. Great work. xx

  3. Fantastic card! Such inspiration for others (or me at least!!)x

  4. fantastic card, love what you have done, the wallpaper looks fab x

  5. This is a fabulous card - I haven't used my window stamp for a while cos I struggle with the surround - this is great xx

  6. I have a soft place in my heart for cats and snowmen. What a super card you have made!


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