Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Craft Room

I've just noticed that there's a new series of Through The Keyhole on ITV tonight. I used to love that programme, I wonder what the new version will be like?

Why is she talking about TV? I hear you ask. Well, I've just updated my Craft Room page after my recent tidy-up. If you fancy a look through my crafty keyhole you can either click here or on the tab at the top of the page.

Here's a sneaky peek.

Wasn't this morning's show with Barbara and Leonie good? They both looked liked they were really enjoying themselves. 

If you read my post when I blogged this card you'll know why it made me laugh when Leonie forgot to remove her Post-it. 

If you didn't, here's a quote from it "I wanted it to look like the puzzle isn't completed so I had to mask off one of the sides. You can just wipe away the ink, but I always seem to miss a bit so I use a mask. I cover up the bit I don't want inked with a Post-it and remove it before I stamp - that last bit is very important !  Guess who's forgotten to do that on more than one occasion?  lol".

If you missed it before, the full post can be found here.

I'd better get my posts for tomorrow finished. It's the start of a new challenge on the Clarity Stamp Challenge blog and I will also be sharing my samples from this weekend's Clarity shows.



  1. Hey Lynne, what a lovely tidy craft room ... were you hanging from the ceiling taking this overhead shot :) Love the jigsaw card ... saw it this morning on Clarity show enjoyed watching Barbara recreate your card 'How cool is that' :) your cards really are that amazing xx Annie

  2. Huph! Well now I'm just jealous! What a great craft room xxxx and loved your cards too but then you are always such an inspiration xxx


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