Saturday, 3 August 2013

In The Classroom With Barbara Gray - Gelli Printing.

I have been looking forward to this lesson for a long time and I wasn't disappointed. It was such fun!

I moved everything downstairs into the dining room as it's so hot upstairs. Hubby had the job of popping upstairs for me if I'd forgotten anything but he was soon sacked. Quite frankly, he was hopeless! As with most things, it was much easier to do it myself. I then had a bit of a panic when I realised I didn't have the birds from the kit but I managed to find them and rush back downstairs to catch up.

I have the 8 x 10" Gelli plate so I improvised a 6 x 6" aperture from a bit of Doeflex. I put it on top of the plate at the last second, just before I took the print. It worked well as a temporary solution but I have decided that Hubby's going to treat me to the smaller one.  My large one needs a friend!

I got some dark paint in the middle of this one but I quite like it.

This one's my favourite. 

This one smells lovely! I think I had more paint left than I was supposed to but I really like the effect.

Those are my efforts. It was a challenge doing it live but I so enjoyed it. I will probably have another go at them and take my time.

I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's shows to see what else Barbara has in store for us. I will also be sharing my samples from this weekend's shows.

Stamps Used

Stencils Used
Leafy Swirl



  1. A brilliant peep through your window to see how you spent your morning!!
    Love the projects you made crafting along (I was ironing!!). But I'm going to have a go later on today.
    Best show ever this morning Barbara xxx

  2. Fantastic efforts I expected nothing less x

  3. This very good, I heard Teacher say you are getting to grips with the gel plate. I think she may be right.

  4. These are great Lynne love the doeflex tip might try it that way I put some plastic (I cut form a document wallet) but I put the paint on top and remove before I take the print -- your way sounds much better, -- I also made a strip to go at the end to make and 8 x 8 xx


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