Sunday, 25 August 2013

Through The Warehouse Windows

I hope you're having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Hubby is away diving today so I'm going to spend the day in my craft room. I have two more cards to make for next weekend's Clarity shows, then my samples are all finished. I can't wait to share them with you - as always there are some fab new stamps.

Anyway, back to the cards I can share. This one was actually made as a German sample, but as I didn't put any words on it, it also made an appearance on Maria's Clarity Take 2 show.

My favourite thing to do with the Window stamp is to decorate the front of the card like a living room. I did that on my Christmas Living Room card that Maria based her demo on and my Clarity Window Cards (the Summer one of these was also on this month's show). However this time I challenged myself to think of something different.

I liked the idea of two windows, side by side, with a scene following through but then I thought why not do them on top of each other? I thought this would work particularly well with the Christmas stamps.

Then came the problem of decorating the front which gave me the brick wall idea - I'd recently bought the Clarity brick stencil for my Gelli plate and though that would be perfect.

I started off by creating the Gelli print, masking off two blank areas the size of the windows so that they would be paint free. I blended various colours on the Gelli plate to give a nice aged brick effect.

Then I set about creating the scenes.

Father Christmas and his reindeer for the top......

.......... and a snowman and robin for the bottom.

I was really pleased with this when I'd finished it, I excitedly took it to show Hubby and his first words were "Why is it snowing in your house?". Dad also said something similar when I emailed him the photo. Men!

This is why it's now called "Through The Warehouse Windows". I love it though and as I've said before "It's art, I can do what I like". 

Stamps Used
Stamps used in the scene from the Remountable Christmas Set

Stencil Used



  1. Its brilliant Lynne I love it x

  2. I love this one, Lynne, and how you used the two different scenes. Ignore what the men said. What do they know? xx Maggie

  3. that's the sort of thing my husband would say .... but do what I do .. just ignore them ... you have artistic Licence AND it is fabulous xx

  4. It's Lovely Lynne ignore the men! xxx what do they know. xxx

  5. This is a FAB card Lynne, love what you have done with it. You make such beautiful cards, saw your samples on the show can usually pick yours out before they say your name....and as for the men well it's been said before by the other ladies xxx

  6. Such a fun design and I love it. I can easily see the inside of an old warehouse with the brick walls and the window opening to the outside. It might even be an old factory. I really like what you did!


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