Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moonlit Cat Card

This is the last of my three cat cards. It was made for one of Maria Simms' Clarity Take 2 shows - Barbara Gray fans will probably be able to guess when I made it!

Yes, it was just after Lesson 17 (Toadstool and Hares) where Barbara showed us how to do the large moon and dark sky. I thought it would be the perfect background for this scene. If you would like to see how it is done you can watch the video of Barbara here on the Create and Craft website. 

The brick wall is a Spellbinders M-Bossibilities folder - Bricks and Bark. I used the textured side of the card for the wall and the reverse, smooth side, for the terracotta pots. Don't forget to stamp the ferns before you emboss the wall!

It's a very simple card but I rather like it. 

Well I hope the cat lovers amongst you have enjoyed my three cat cards. Maya's a bit worried that they have taken over though so here's a photo of her looking particularly gorgeous for all the dog lovers.

What are all these cats doing on Mum's blog?

Maria Simms' next show is on at 11 am tomorrow (21st Aug) and I will be back after that with the first of the samples I made for her.

Stamps Used
Bird and post from the Remountable Garden Set



  1. Morning Lynne and Maya.....( as a dog lover ....I am so glad to see harmony returned a photo of Maya!!!) ...I love the layout of your card and it is one of those designs that sets you thinking ...oh what else could I stamp on the wall.......thanks for the inspiration....x

  2. Love the card Lynne, beautifully design. As a dog lover, I can see Maya's point of view, but don't think she needs to worry too much.. xx

  3. LOL Jo you read my mind as I was sat here admiring this card I was thinking the same thing....see what you've started Lynne! Lovely Card love the wall and pots! xxxxxx tummy rubs to Maya xx

  4. Yes great inspiration again, Lynne. It's no contest, Maya I'm sure you'll always be 'Top Dog' those moggies were just a passing phase :) xxxAnnie

  5. Lynne, lovely card. Just adore the scene you created.

  6. Brilliant card, Lynne. I like the big moon - very effective x

  7. Amazing card Lynne, I've shared it on papermood (facebook page) I hope that's ok. X Fab

  8. Love this card Lynne. I've recently bought the cat stamps so thanks for the inspiration. I have a cat and two dogs so I'm happy on all counts. Ear rubs to Maya. X

  9. lovely card Lynne the moon is gorgeous xx


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