Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Garden Heart/Double Bubble Card

I was so pleased that people seemed to like this card - It's my favourite of the ones I made this month. The Double Bubble stencil is perfect for creating little apertures to stamp into and I thought it would work well with the Garden Heart stamp.

The base of it is a Gelli print. The first layer is Buff Titanium acrylic paint, then I used Process Magenta with the Double Bubble stencil to create the pink layer. I kept the print really plain as I didn't want it to distract from the stamping.

Once I had the Double Bubble print it was just a case of filling in all of the apertures. This took a while!

You can stamp through the stencil, but when I was making my Hubby's Birthday Card I found a technique that worked better for me (I forgot to mention it when I blogged that card) as I wasn't always getting a perfect impression. I made a thinner, paper version of it and used that to stamp through.

My stencil for Hubby's card       My stencil for this card      Original stencil

For Hubby's card (which used the larger Double Bubble stencil) I used thin copy paper and cut them out with a craft knife. If you look closely at that you can see that I wasn't too precise with my cutting but it still worked fine. For this card I cut out a replica in vellum with my Cameo (I use vellum for things like this with my Cameo as it's thin and gives a nice crisp cut).

Then I masked off each aperture one at a time and, using Black Archival Ink, I stamped in different sections of the Garden Heart stamp until I had filled all of the apertures.

As I mentioned before, I've finally got some more Distress Markers so I used them to colour in the images. I got quite engrossed in this and failed to notice what a mess I was making.

The pens don't dry that quickly on acrylic paint and I'd got the wet ink all over the side of my hand and transferred it onto the lovely white border of the print. Typical me!

After all of that work I wasn't going to start again, so I just trimmed the border off. I thought I'd share it though. It might give you a laugh and I can say "Don't do that!"

Once I'd cut it out I mounted it onto a fancy black mat that I'd cut on my Cameo and added some pink Distress Ink around the edge of the card. I'm not one for embellishments but I thought it needed a little something, so I looked through my verses and found an appropriate one. You can see that on the completed version at the top; I think it finished it off nicely.

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Yes we thought this was the card of the month. Nice one and well done.

  2. I loved this card on Sunday - you're so clever at filling in the apertures. Thanks for sharing

  3. love what you have done with apertures. i am not a pink person but i like this xx

  4. this is great Lynne I loved it on Sunday more and more I could do with a cameo lol . It's very clever because I know what you mean about stamping over the edge of the stencil xx

  5. This is lovely Lynne. Thanks for the idea of cutting out a paper stencil, but I'll have to do mine by hand.

  6. lovely as usual Lynne. Sorry but I had to gasp a little when you said you used vellum on your cameo.....it's my favourite thing (vellum) and to use it as a stencil, well! But then I also agreed with what you said about stamping through a stencil and you are right so I forgive you lol xxxxxx


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