Friday, 3 January 2014

ProMarker Storage and Mum's Craft Room

After Christmas we had a few days in Norfolk visiting family. We stayed in Mum and Dad's spare room which also happens to be Mum's craft room. As you can imagine I had lots of fun having a good old root around.

I know crafters always love storage ideas so I thought I'd share Mum's ProMarker stand.  I thought it was rather good and I wish I had space on my desk for one.

If you think I'm organised, I have nothing on Mum! You probably think that the pens were arranged for the photo but they were already like that. I was so tempted to twiddle them all around!

You may have spotted a photo of someone familiar. Maya was 7 days old in that photo and it was the first time we met her.

She bought it on eBay and it reminds me of a test tube stand. Each one holds 60 pens and Mum has two of them joined together.

Dad has added an extension on the side for her scissors and rulers.

Whilst I was at it I thought I'd photograph the rest of the room. Sorry about the quality of them but they were taken on my phone and looked OK on the small screen.

These shelves are on one wall and I think she has nearly as much stash as I do. She has a lot of colours in Adirondack ink pads that I don't, so I got out one of her Clarity stamps and stamped them all out for reference. I was almost afraid to use it though as her stamps and mounts are immaculate, not covered in ink like mine. Anyway, I now have a list of the colours that I "need".

Mum loves colouring in so she has lots of things to do that with.

There are a few more shelves on the other side of the room........

.........and a lovely long work surface between them. If that was mine it would have stuff all over it! Dad is always telling me that I need more space to work in as I'm lucky if my cutting mat is clear. 

What a fun place to stay!



  1. Oh Lynne...What a lovely room your Mum has to craft in! And I'm surprised you actually came out! Mind you, you have a lovely room of your own!!! The promarker storage is brilliant and what a grand thing of your Dad to do by adding the extra bits!

  2. I want one of them stands! It's about the only thing I am not happy with in my crafting promarkers are in drawers and they get stuck sometimes when opening the drawer. Think I will be doing a spot of browsing on ebay. Your photos are fine Lynne. Compliments to your mum for such a tidy workspace, a woman after my own heart xx

  3. Oh how fantastic! Can I come and live with her? I desperately need a better way to store my pens - this is a brilliant idea. If your dad wants to go into production put me down for one!

  4. As it was the end of the year we thought we should have a stocktake especially as we have had crafter staying in the craft room.We are pleased to report that everything is present and correct.(would we have minded if some had gone awol. no) Only joking on stocktaking

  5. Very inspiring, must go and tidy up my craft room in the loft x

  6. What a fab room! Can I come and stay too? I'm not far away and I promise not to pinch anything!

  7. oh how wonderful, I love seeing photos of other peoples craft rooms and the pen storage is just amazing, thank you for taking the photo's and sharing them with us xx

  8. Wow what an amazingly neat craft room. Wish I could keep mine as tidy as that. Sometimes I can hardly get in the door!!! Great Promarker stand too. Di xx

  9. lucky mum with all that room. but i thought you were supposed to store promarkers horizontally or else the ink will flow to one end and they won't write on other side xx

    1. Regular ProMarkers can be stored either way, Letraset themselves sell a storage unit that stands them vertically. Don't do it with the metallic ones though as the ink will flood out of them. It actually says that on the pens but I didn't see that until it happened!

  10. Thanks for that Lynne it is lovely to see a tidy craft room for a change? Most of my pro-markers dried up you know??? I bet you were dying to sit down and make some cards and mess it all up!!! Sam x


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