Friday, 24 January 2014

Love Is In The Air

Welcome to my 250th post.

This card was a bit of an experiment - it was the first time I tried ink on the Gelli Plate. The colour I chose was Adirondack Wild Plum (sorry Theresa but it's very pink!).

For the base layer I brayered the ink onto the Gelli Plate, then used the Dotty Wave and Ocean Swirl stencils to create the pattern.

The next layer was the locks and keys. I stamped them directly onto the Gelli Plate then took another print on top of the first.

The rest is then stamped directly onto the print. The black birds and Kissing Couple are stamped in Archival ink, the pink birds are Adirondack Wild Plum and the Love Frame is heat embossed in black.

It was fun to do and I shall definitely be experimenting some more with this technique.

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. well i thought it was purple as that is what it looks like. i have experimented with ink a little bit and it looks very different to acrylics. it is softer i find. and guess what on another print i have actually used wild plum! i think i'm developing pinkitis! i hope there are some antibiotics available! lol! xx

  2. Oh Lynne this is stunning I love it and I am loving the colour xx

  3. Hi,

    Would you consider a more detailed version of this post (or a recreation of it)? I am VERY new to Gelli printing and this is almost exactly the kind of thing I wish to create. Unfortunately the overview you've listed doesn't give me enough to go on. I love your work, and would love to be able to create something like this for Valentines Day.

    Thank you for putting your work out for others to see - and be inspired by.

    1. Thank you. I always forget to take photos as I go and I find the Gelli ones hard to explain. Here's a bit more detail though.

      1) The ink I used is Adirondack Wild Plum. I used a brayer to apply a layer of this onto my Gelli plate. Once I had that I put the Ocean Swirl stencil on top and the Double Bubble on top of that. Put some copy paper on top and press down. Remove it all and you should be left with the pattern on the Gelli plate. Take a print of that by pressing your paper on top.

      That gives your you base layer.

      2) Then I inked up my stamp as normal but instead of stamping onto the paper I stamped onto the Gelli plate. When you have covered it with locks and keys place the original print back on the Gelli plate to transfer them. I left space on the centre so that I had space to stamp LOVE later.

      You should now have the Gelli print completed and it's now just a case of stamping the rest of the images directly onto it.

      I hope that's a bit clearer.


    2. Wonderful - thank you for the additional information!


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