Sunday, 19 January 2014

You Hold The Key To My Heart

Following on from my last post, I have to say that the fish pie was indeed yummy. I guess we really do eat with our eyes though as it just seemed so wrong. Anyway, I won't make that mistake again.

My cards for next month's shows are coming on well; I've now made five. So far they've all been stamped but today the Gelli plate is coming out to play.

Last month's card were mainly Gelli ones and this is another of them. It's a one layer card so that meant lots of masking whilst I created the print.

I started off by planning where I wanted everything to go, then I stuck the Post-it masks of the Letter Boxes onto the card I was using. I applied a layer of Buff Titanium paint onto the Gelli plate and took the first print. This kept the area behind the Letter Boxes white.

I wanted the area behind the heart to be Buff Titanium though, so I applied the Post-it mask for that after I'd taken the first print. That is the stage you can see in the photo above (the print is square - the paper wasn't flat when I photographed it).

After that I applied a couple of shades of brown and using the Ocean Swirl stencil created the top print. I chose that stencil as I thought the swirls went well with those on the padlock.

Then it was just a case of adding the stamping. The padlock was heat embossed in gold, the key heat embossed in black and the letters and boxes were stamped in black Archival. I coloured the swirls of the padlock in and went around the edge of it with a black pen to make it stand out more.

Three heart gems finish it off.

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Stunning design as always, these stamps are more must haves x

  2. Loving the colour of this. I like what you have done...tempting me to get a gelli xx

  3. oh what a brill background fabby colour - great card Lynne xx


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