Friday, 17 January 2014

Life is a Journey

Hubby's just phoned to say he's going to be late, so I thought I'd write tomorrow's blog post (well I guess it's today's now) whilst I'm waiting for the spuds to cook. I have to say he is in for a treat tonight - green fish pie! I recently got a Vitamix (a very clever blender that will cook things if you leave it running) and was using it to make the white sauce. I've done this before and it worked really well. However this time I thought that I could save another job if I just threw the parsley in at the end. The blender would chop it and stir it in. Not my cleverest idea - the sauce is now green! Oops! Let's just hope it tastes a lot better than it looks!

Anyway, back to what I meant to be writing about - my Life is a Journey card. This is the second one of my cards using the new Filigraphy Balloon stamps.

I wanted to have the sky flowing from one scene to another, so after I'd created the skyline I attached the strips to the base card and masked off the bits in-between.

I then used my cloud stencil, blue and grey ink and a brush to create the sky.

I wanted to raise the balloon off the card so I had to figure out how to do it.

In the end I decided the use heat resistant acetate for the base. I used Versamark ink and black detail powder to heat emboss it before cutting it out...........

.............then I stamped the image onto Theuva card (using Black Archival), cut it out and stuck it on top. A few little gems give it a bit of bling.

As the first card I made with these stamps was black and white I had intended to do this one in colour. I coloured it in several different ways but I just kept coming back to the monochrome one. It's funny as when I saw everyone else's on TV I thought they looked really good in colour.

Talking of colour, here's my green fish pie. Doesn't it look yummy? lol Hopefully it won't be as noticeable when the spuds go on and anyway Hubby will probably be too hungry to notice!

Stamps and Masks Used



  1. Oh Lynne you might be starting a new trend with the pie lol. Hope it tasted ok. This is a great card I love it clever idea with the acetate xx

  2. Love the card and the fish pie is also a lovely colour makes a change sure it was yummy

  3. This is a very clever card well done. After reading Barbara blog does this mean you will be applying for a position on her cookery team. I can see a new book Black Sausage Rolls and Green Fish Pies

  4. Stunning card, you've convinced me that I need this stamp and definitely the cloud stencil, oh and the masks lol x

  5. love this card Lynne. my favourite of balloon cards. those clouds are a treat. great idea with acetate xx

  6. Love this card. Love the masking tape trick for the sky. Not sure about the green pie, sure it will taste nice. Reminded me of the blue soup in bridget jones x


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